Science and Technology combined with Art … Now we’re thinking outside the box!

For those who don’t know what STEM stands for, here’s a little break down for you: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But what if we incorporated Art into the equation and utilized our creativity to expand our minds? The results of this new element would leave us with a more intriguing combination that would become to be known as STEAM.

What is STEAM?

STEAM is a movement first proposed by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and is currently widely embraced by many other institutions, corporations and individuals.

The main purpose of STEAM is to challenge the STEM nation into exploring their curiosity while encouraging the individual to lead their research and design with a creative spin on a global scale of innovative thinking. So how will this benefit us?

By applying Art and Design we are capable of transforming our economy, alter research techniques, inspire new methods of education and influence companies to employ more artists and designers to drive innovation.

Such major industry leaders like Nike, Intel and Apple are all current advocates of prioritizing creativity and design as their method of seeking innovative solutions, and the results speak for themselves!

Laser cutting technology

Laser cutting involves laser-based technology that then cuts through materials, frequently used by designers to create intricate detailing.

Conveniently laser cutting can be applied to materials such as wood, right through to paper or fabric.


3D Printing technology

3D printing is a forever growing form of technology that allows individuals to create literally anything that their heart desires.

From printing simple 3D models to saving lives by printing vital body parts, this advanced form of printing is sure to change the future of art and technology as we know it!