Graduate Admission Essay Writing

Writing a Graduate Admission Essay Which Makes You Shine

Students applying to graduate school need to submit an essay. This essay plays an important role in the admissions procedure. Many students find the task of writing their graduate admission essay a challenge. If students are not proficient in their essay writing it is recommended that they obtain essay help which ensures that the essays are written in the proper manner. Many students, even if they are proficient with the task will resort to essay writing help to ensure that the essays will be of high calibre.

What is an Admission Essay?
An admission essay is written when applying to colleges and universities as part of the application’s requirement. This type of essay is also known as the personal statement and is similar to a personal essay which will be written by students doing their GCSE coursework. This is the only manner in which students are able to express and introduce themselves to the Admissions Board. As a result it is imperative that the essay be written perfectly. There are many applicants with good academic records. Therefore, the essay serves as a point of differentiation of interesting and strong characters. For this reason, how the essay is written will be a deciding factor when being granted admission in to graduate school.

Structure of the Essay
Any essay regardless of the type should be properly structured and organized. It will be a grave mistake to submit an essay which is totally incomprehensible to the readers due to carelessness. There are three main elements to a well structure graduate admission essay. These are the introduction, the body and the conclusion.
• Introduction – This should provide a clear thesis statement and introduce the subject matter to the reader. A good essay starter for your admission essay is with an anecdote. However, keep in mind that it should be captivating and short.
• The body – A standard five paragraph essay contains three paragraphs for the body. All that was stated in the introduction of the essay should be given detailed evidence. Remember proper transition between paragraphs is very important.

• The Conclusion – Provide information as to why you are interested in this graduate school and restate the fact that you are the person they should accept into the school.

Keep in mind that a good essay is error free. Therefore need for essay proofreading is vital. Check for spelling and grammar and punctuation errors. You are given only one chance at this, so do not make any mistakes.

Purpose of the Essay
It is normal for students to ask why they have to write this essay. The Admission Board has many applications which they will have to go through. The admission essay is a way for the Board to screen these applicants. From the essay they will be able to obtain a personal view of the students and their capabilities. From this they will be able to decide who are the most suitable to be admitted in to the graduate school.

Writing the graduate admission essay is the student’s read post chance to shine. It will be his or her opportunity to be different from the rest. Therefore, it is important that they go through a few college admission essay examples before proceeding.

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